Do you like reading books ?

My hobby is reading knowledgeable and interesting books in my square time. Reading is such a good habit which healthy for your brain and keeps your brain functioning actively. Reading is a wonderful way to keeps you relax and happy. For me, there is nothing makes me happier than to have a stack of books on my nightstand to attack on a night when there is no alarm clock waiting the next morning.  It’s the great source of enjoyment, inspiration , instruction, and knowledge. Reading book can make us disciplined, punctual, loyal and most importantly a very successful person in this life. While reading books, noone can feel disturb or alone. I think this hobby is more precious than other precious stones in the world. It can provide us noble thoughts, ideas to work in many fields and high level of knowledge. Interesting and knowledgeable book is like best friend of the someone who likes to read.

Book is one part of my beautiful life and reading book has definitely  been my favourite hobby. I will be able to never forget the interesting moment when my father gave me the first book which is full of colourful pictures. I was very delighted though I difficultly understood what were there in that book. I read wherever, whenever, and whatever kinds of books, from short story, comic, to novel and many more. My father always encourages me to read book and He buys me many useful and interesting books. Books are like my friends who can teach me many things over the world. They let me know of a lot of beautiful places and the history of our country and many others. My tears come from those books and so do my happy laughters. Most free time of mine is spent on discovering books, books are very useful and so great. Reading books is the most interesting indoor activities that you should try.

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