Do you want to become a doctor ?

It seems like every parent wants their kid to grow up to be a doctor… but, maybe you really want to! Being a doctor is all about helping sick people get healthy, and if this sounds like something you want to do, then find out what it takes to follow your dream! As you know, If you have the flu, you go see the doctor. If you break your leg from falling down the stairs, you go see the doctor. If you get sick with something serious like mono or the measles, you go see the doctor. As you can see, medical doctors do a lot more then wear white coats and carry around stethoscopes. They help sick people by figuring out what’s wrong with them and giving them the right medicine to get better.  Forget Superman or Spider-Man or any of those other superheroes – doctors are the real heroes cuz they’re the ones who save people’s lives! Nothing is more rewarding than that.

Most doctors may have to work on evenings and weekends too, and be on call. That means you have to wear a pager 24/7 and if you get paged, you’ll have to go into work, even if it’s your birthday or a holiday, cuz a sick person needs your help. Oh, and that’s another downside – you’re always around sick people, which can be pretty depressing.

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