How to have a good health ?

Living a hectic life, people are caught up in the flow of money and fame, which is make them foget the true value of life. Health plays an incredible role of life, having a good health, we get all; loosing health, it means loosing all.

A good health is including physical health and mental health. When your body is healthy, it means the ability of the muscles to be strong, push, pull, lift … thus doing the work of limbs comfortably like

How to have a good health? It’s a question that has lasted for thousands of years since people became aware. However, until now, not everyone know the proper method to stay healthy. The father of Hippocrates also said, “Let food be your medicine”, there is no valuable and effective medicine by choosing carefully, smartly the foods that you and your family Daily consumption. Besides that, we should not be subjective to the effects that spiritual joys bring to health. When you are optimistic, happy, positive thinking, our body will release healthy hormones, even the hormones secreted when you are happy can also actively support in treating the disease.

To sum up, health is the most important, invaluable asset. Money, material … will help each individual’s life become more prosperous and full but does not mean it will guarantee you a good health.

carrying, controlling machines, use tools. Besides, a person has a good health, he will have a lucid head. They focus on working, studying, have a good memory and high energy.


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