The first time see the world, people is always contact with mother’s eye

The first time see the world, people is always contact with mother’s eye. From that moment, we have thought that:  Mother is the big world in the baby’s the first impression. Mom can provide the food (breast milk), bring the sleep even the laughter. Until becoming adults, mother’s home is the place that anybody also want to come back, can be keep off the difficult in the life and can find the peace feelings.

When you  become a mother, you will understand all of mom’s actions, today. What is mother doing in time of getting pregnant? May be, she think of child’s name, externality, character,.. or think of where is the place sale the best foreign milk ? What should teach the child became a good man?.. Nine months and ten days is not the short time, mom used to suffer from many pains but she do everything the best for child she can. Let imagine! one day, her child is not obey, how is mother feel?

I don’t know what do you think of your mother? For me, mom is the greatest gift I have. Mom is the most beautiful, the most gentle, the most leniency. She is the same my best friend, I can talk anything with her, share the hobbies for clothes, cosmetics, movies… This make me never feel lonely. When I am threatened by my friend, she appeases me, buys dolls for me. She is not the same different mother, instead of find my friend’s home and talk to his parents to solve the problem, my mom will quietly protect me because she is very gentle and knowledge. She hope that: I save the nice memories when I  was young, no enmity anybody. She know: the child is always obstreperous, everything go naturally is the best.

Every time I feel boring, I miss mom and want to stand by her, holding her rough hand, huge her big abdominal. The more simple way, I only meet her and see mom’s smile.

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