What is a happy family?

Previously, Our Ancestor often thought that the more children we had, the more happines we found. However, in reality, a large family will lead to a lot of problems for the family in particular and for the development of society in general. Many social studies have shown an ideal family is a family with two children. This is a perfect model for couples with a modern lifestyle because it can overcome various problems that can occur in a family.

Specifically here is how people take care of their children. Children are extremely active and curious so their parents need to watch them carefully so that they can stay out of serious troubles. In 1 minute, your children may hurt themselves by playing with sharp objects such as knife. Many kids have met tragic accident when they participate in playful activities by water without adult supervision. So parents will take care for children easier and more attentive when they only have two children.

Nurturing is another challenge for parents. However, according to a government report by a government agency, the children raised in families with two children often have better behavior than the kids who have too many brothers and sisters. The children born and raised in a family with few children will get more attention and lessons from from their parents. Instead of wresting love from their parents, these children are also gain  more opportunities to be heard and to share.

Another problem will be solved when a family decides to have few children is finance. We can not deny the necessity of money in guarantee a fulfilled life and a brighter future for our children. Money will be used to pay for education and health care fee when children are sick. On the contrary, in a overcrowded home, parents will be faced more financial burden, especially when the kids are born closely with their siblings. The problem can becomes worse if the family fell into difficult circumstances and do not have enough ability to send their children to school, the children will easily involve into crime matters and became sorrow not only for their parents but also for the society.

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