What is Facebook ? What effect does Facebook have on society?

Facebook is one of the most popular and biggest social media globally that most of the people worldwide use and access everyday. It provide us with smart and convenient features that help us connect to the outside world without going anywhere but stay at home or office only; morever, people nowadays can work and study or go shopping online at home via Facebook. However, despite these brilliant features, it is argued that Facebook also has its own psychological costs that are bad for the human being’s mental health.

To be more specific concerning the side effects of the social medium – Facebook, firstly, it can become addictive and causes intense passivity and weak communication. Besides society’s most common addictive substances like coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol, it is obviously that Facebook – a cyber phenomenon in the world – has been becoming a serious addiction got by people in all ages. In fact, friends, families, colleagues and partners nowadays are no longer happy and excited in engaging a face-to-face conversation. They even feel disconcerted because of having nothing to say with each other. Intepreting for this strange and popular situation, Facebook is one of the reason that people have been blaming on. Myriad people daily spend hours to browse Facebook, in other words, they are becoming phone heads or phone addicts.

Furthermore, the more people use Facebook, the more jealousy they get. It is obvious that people are naturally inclined to engage in social comparison. For more details, with just a glance at the New Feeds, people can updates from their social cycles; when people see someone who has a happier or more successful life then theirs, such as a new fancy car or an expensive beautiful dress, not only can Facebook make them feel like they are not sharing in their friends’s happiness and success, but it can also make them feel envious of their friends’s wonderful life. As these negative social comparisons happen and accumulate day in day out, human being will definitely get extremely depressed and anxious leading to the antisocial and autism syndromes that can cause a lot of serious consequences, especially the suicide.

Facebook can be awesomely good for humankind if they exploit it properly, and it can also precipitate extremely serious and unpredictable consequences if people excessively abuse and improperly employ it.

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