What is your favorite music genre?

I love listening to music, but I am not like other people who often listen to the music that is popular at a time. The part of music that attracts me is the attitude of the composers and the tone, because the songs represent the writers’ mood and feeling. Through the songs people can feel what the composers try to express, so I often listen to Jazz, Rock, and R&B. These three types of music contain different languages but they are all my favorite music styles.

When I really want to relax my body, or to do the exercises at home I will listen to Jazz music. I do not have the exact time to do exercises, I just play it to release my body. Jazz music is much faster and more relaxing than pop music. It makes me want to dance, to do any kind of motion to let go of my body while the music is on. Sometimes I prefer to do it on my bed. It is healthy for my body.

My second favorite music style is Rock, which I listen to when I am in a bad mood or lonely. Rock is very different from Jazz because Rock is quite noisy and contains a lot of screaming. But the tone of the songs is like magic that can flush all my unhappiness, even though those things are still right there, but at the moment I can feel I have strength to solve problems, and I am not scared of anything anymore. When I have something to face or have to make a choice, I always listen to Rock music, let the music go through my mind so that I can think deeper and deeper.

I often just sit on the chair and do nothing. This happened when I am quite tired or sleepy; for example, sitting on the MRT or buses, I do not think or do anything. I do not like to be disturbed by others, I want to have my own space. And R&B music can help me get away from my busy life and clean up my soul.

The three types of music have different functions for me, however, they all bring me happiness and help me get through difficult time.

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